Mediation Services

Marie Calla Quartell, Esq. is also a mediator. When the parties can agree to all terms of a Marital Settlement Agreement and Parenting issues, they divorce, paternity matter, and other matters much quicker, easier and more cost effectively than by fighting with lawyers. Mediators are used for all family matters, before the parties may go to court.

When both parties are reasonable, and no one is behaving in an irrational manner such as denying time sharing with no reasonable grounds, it is very beneficial to mediate with a person who is experienced in Family Law. It is advisable to use a lawyer who is experienced in family law for this process, since it is such a unique and specialized area of the law.

If you would like Marie to write up your agreement, insuring that it will be in proper form, enforceable and accepted by the Court, please call our office to set up a time to meet with Marie to discuss using her as a mediator for your family law matter.

Marie Calla Quartell