Divorce / Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution of marriage can be one of the most stressful events in an individual’s life, especially when children are involved.  You will need someone with compassion and understanding.  Your attorney should be fierce in the courtroom and have the courtroom skills necessary to protect your best interests.  Your attorney should always first try to settle the case at mediation before seeking the assistance of the courts. Settlements cost much less in attorney’s fees and are less stressful than hearings and trials.

Mediation and Divorce

The parties must go to mediation if one person needs temporary relief. This means one person is not getting to see the children, or the person who generally supports the family will not assist in paying bills. If the parties cannot settle the case your attorney should set it for trial. The judge will require an additional mediation after the case is set for trial. It is always in the parties’ best interest to settle at mediation. However, if one person is being unreasonable, then the case will proceed to trial. If you must go to trial be aware that this will cost more in attorney’s fees. Florida Law provides for assistance with attorney’s fees for the spouse who does not have the ability to pay attorney’s fees.

During the process each person must produce all financial information. In some cases one spouse may attempt to hide assets. In this case, The Law Offices of Marie Calla Quartell, P.A. will subpoena records directly from banks and other sources.

Most divorce cases can and should settle at mediation.  This is not always possible, if one party is being unreasonable in terms of settlement.  In that case, your attorney should be prepared to fight for you in court.  Attorney Marie Calla Quartell has substantial trial experience and has the skills necessary to get evidence before the court to assist her client or keep out evidence when it is improper and should not be considered by the court.

When to Contact A Divorce Attorney

If you know your spouse is contemplating divorce or you have decided you wish to file, it is critical that you seek advice of counsel in the early stages before anyone has actually filed.  There are things you can do to protect yourself and your assets from a dishonest or vengeful spouse that may be spending too much money, racking up credit card debt or hiding assets.  Attorney Marie Calla Quartell can inform you of your legal rights and options.

The Process of Dissolution of Marriage in Palm Beach County, Florida

When the parties cannot settle their case themselves they will need the assistance of attorney’s. The attorney’s will assist the parties with trying to resolve their issues without litigation.

Steps for Dissolution of a Marriage

A petition for dissolution will be filed and one person will be served with the papers using a process server. The party served has 20 days to answer.

Serving Papers During the Dissolution of a Marriage

If you are the party that has been served you must act immediately. If you do not answer you may be subject to a default judgment. This is where the judge will enter the dissolution without your presence. The parties both have 45 days to comply with mandatory disclosure.