Spousal Support –
Alimony Attorney Marie Calla Quartell, Esq.

Alimony AttorneyThere several circumstances in which the person paying alimony or the person receiving it would desire a modification of alimony after the finalization of the divorce.

Only certain types of alimony can be modified.

Please contact our office to make an appointment to discuss the specific circumstances of your situation and learn if your alimony order can be modified.

Modification of Alimony

The following are some examples of reasons to modify alimony:

  • The payor experiences a reduction of income due to involuntary loss of job
  • The receiver becomes aware that the payor has increased income
  • The receiver experiences an increase in income
  • The receiver moves in with another person who assists in paying household expenses

Alimony is gender neutral. The courts can award alimony to any party who is in need of financial assistance. Alimony is always based on need and ability to pay.